The producers of Survivor knew what they were after. They did a skillful job in bringing together a cast, making up challenges, and delivering exceptional camera work. The game has an interesting twist at the end. To get to the end you can't avoid a certain amount of backstabbing and the final few have a certain talent for it, however the winner will be voted on by the last seven losers which means the backstabber must walk the tight rope of being considered likeable (or at least more likeable than the other backstabber)

Susan: Susan is a red neck truck driver. She is very blunt about her opinions and a chronic complainer. Of the cast that I am familiar with (I missed the first couple episodes), Susan has been the least likeable, however I am chagrinned to predict that she will be the winner. 

I was wrong. Sue gave the ugliest sour grapes speech I have ever witnessed. It was truly disturbing.

Kelly: A young river guide without any remarkable characteristics. She has won three challenges recently. She could be a dark horse.

She came very close. The final vote was 4 to 3.

Richard: Richard is a corporate trainer who knew what he was after and knew how to play people. He is the Darth Vader of Survivor, and the show probably owes part of its success to him. A few things that distinguished him: he is gay, he liked to hang around nude, he was by far the best provider of food. He milked his unique talent for fishing to influence a conspiratorial alliance, and I suspect he brought into the alliance only those people he thought he could beat. It might have worked if it were not for the tricky rule of being voted on by the losers. Alas even though Richard was pulling the strings, his machinations were visible and resented. 


BUT he pulled it off. You gotta give him credit for playing the game skillfully.


Rudy: Rudy is the 72 year old former Navy Seal. Like Susan he is very blunt however not nearly as much a complainer. Until the challenge that required thinking in the second to last episode. I thought Rudy might be secretly cunning. I have come to realize that the only reason he made it so far was because Richard knew he would be easy to beat.

He gave it his best shot. Of the final four he seems to be the most admirable.




  Tina is a fair weather friend to put it gently.  She is also a professing Christian and a strong competitor.

  Keith is a chef from Michigan. He is a bit arrogant, and came very close to being an early loser.

  Colby is a Texas cowboy. He is physically the strongest (too strong for his own good)

  Elisabeth is a sweetheart.  She is a professing Christian and recently engaged. Elisabeth has been my pick to win.

  Roger is a shop teacher from Kentucky.  He is also a professing Christian and his strategy for staying in the game is catching fish.

  Amber tried to duck the radar by staying under Jerri's shadow.

  Nick is a Harvard Law student.  He was portrayed as lazy.

  Jerri played the Darth Vader role a little too convincingly.






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